Madison school investigating report of student shot by pellet gun

The Madison Metropolitan School District and Madison Police are looking into an incident that left a student shot by an apparent pellet gun.

In an e-mail to parents, Jefferson Middle School principal Tequila Kurth says a student getting off a Badger Bus on the blue route was hit by what is believed to be a pellet from a pellet gun fired by another student on the bus Tuesday. Kurth says the school was alerted by the family of the student who was hit.

The school does not believe the student with the suspected pellet gun intended to harm anyone with it, but says it is still taking the incident seriously and will cooperate with Madison police in the investigation.

Kurth says the school’s staff will also be talking with students about the seriousness of having any type of weapon, including toy or pellet guns, and stress the importance of saying something if they see something.

“It is so important for students to speak up and say something to a trusted adult if they are ever aware of information that concerns them,” Kurth relayed to parents in the e-mail. “We want students to feel empowered to positively challenge the ‘culture of silence’ that can exist. We know that too often students who may have information about another student’s intentions or behavior hesitate coming forward.”

“They may fear getting friends in trouble or retaliation, or they may think their voice does not matter,” Kurth continued. “Your child’s voice matters.”

Kurth says parents with questions should contact her about the incident. In the meantime, the school says it is following up with the student and student’s family.

If a toy weapon is on a student but is not used to harm anyone- that student might receive some sort of intervention without discipline, according to guidelines found the district’s website. However, students who use a toy weapon to threaten or harm another person can get an out of school suspension of up to three days, according to the guidelines.

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