Madison resident from Liberia is “deeply worried” about Ebola outbreak

President of statewide organization is optimistic the disease will be contained,
Madison resident from Liberia is “deeply worried” about Ebola outbreak

A Liberia native now living in Madison says the Ebola outbreak has given his country a bad name in the eyes of Americans.

Emmanuel Uray, president of the Liberian Association of Wisconsin (LAW), said he would love nothing more than to return to his homeland and help his friends, family, and community.  But he said with his wife and studies in the states and pending travel bans, he has to stay put and do what he can from this side of the globe.

“I am worried.  I am deeply worried,” Uray said.

The only person diagnosed with Ebola on U.S. soil, Thomas Eric Duncan, was visiting from Liberia.  He died in a Dallas-area hospital on Wednesday.

Also Wednesday, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office confirmed a Liberian detainee has been isolated at the county jail after they realized she came from a country hit hard with the disease. That inmate was released Thursday morning with no signs of symptoms of the virus.

“I keep praying that it will continue to be fine,” Uray said.  “I keep praying that this problem will come under control because we can’t continue to live as people in this manner.”

Uray said the Ebola situation is giving his home country a bad name, even though the scene there is something he wouldn’t recognize.

“We have had challenges, we have had war.  We have graduated from that.  We have been making headway,” Uray explained.  “That is not the kind of country I grew up in.  This is completely unfortunate.”

That said, Uray is optimistic the disease will be contained in western Africa.

“It will be contained.  I have no doubt about it.  But it is going to get worse, and it’s in a worse situation right now,” Uray said.

More than 3,700 people have now been reported dead from Ebola in western Africa.

“Each time we try to climb the ladder, something jump in it and try to pull us back,” Uray said.  “But we’re not going to be beat back, we’re going to move forward.”

Uray said the LAW will soon start raising money to send overseas.