Madison resident: Crime up in neighborhood where PD investigating homicide

Madison resident Dan Klopp has lived on East Mifflin Street for almost seven years and in that time he has seen an increase in criminal activity.

“Since I moved here, it’s changed. It’s not as safe as it kind of felt earlier,” Klopp said.

He said even his own life was once put in danger.

“I’ve actually been robbed at gunpoint right here in my driveway,” Klopp said.

He said he’s also seen the convenience store across the street robbed recently and multiple drug deals go down.

“Definitely there’s some issues going on here,” Klopp said.

Even with the heightened crime, Klopp never expected to hear a neighbor living in the Butler Plaza apartments was killed.

“This Butler Plaza complex seems like it’s always been safe and everyone’s been very respectable that I’ve met from here. I know the management runs a very tight ship and they only let professionals…live here, so it must have just been some sort of fluke,” Klopp said. “I mean, I can’t call a homicide a fluke, but how can you plan on something like that happening? That’s terrible.”

Madison police are treating the incident with the utmost sensitivity, releasing very little information.

Madison resident: Crime up in neighborhood where PD investigating homicide

During a media conference Monday night, Chief Mike Koval said a woman living in the complex at 27 North Butler St. came home after being gone over the weekend to find her roommate dead. Officers quickly responded and ruled the death a homicide because of the nature of the wounds.

MPD public information officer Joel DeSpain said that’s all the information they will release at this point, as a person or persons of interest remain on the loose.

Klopp said the incident has him considering a change in address.

“I’m definitely thinking about moving away from this area,” Klopp said.