Madison Public Library, Forward Madison and The Flock surprise local 12-year-old author

MADISON, WI – The Madison Public Library recently added a new book to its shelves written by local 12-year-old soccer fan Tikeh Tazeh. A handful of employees decided to take things a step further.

After adding five copies of Tazeh’s book to their collection, the library staff connected Tikeh to Forward Madison and their contact at The Flock, former junior high English teacher Grant Pieters, who helped bring in Forward’s new head coach Carl Craig and team captain Connor Tobin to celebrate with Tikeh.

“It’s not only about passion…you also combine that with ambition. There aren’t that many people at your age that are like, ‘I’m going to write a book.’ And we need more dreamers who set those lofty goals,” said Tobin.

Tazeh decided to pursue his passion of writing while soccer practices and games were on hold due to the pandemic. The book, “Hat Trick,” is about a young man who moves to a new place and joins a soccer team. Creating the book quickly became a family affair, with Tikeh’s older brother Kiehmi helping to edit it, and his mother, Yvonne, helping get the word out.

“Tikeh wants to share his love for soccer and writing with other kids out there and hopefully be a source of motivation to them, despite the uncertainties that come along with the pandemic,” said Yvonne in an email to the library.

The library, Flock and Forward Madison team also worked with Conor Moran of the Wisconsin Book Festival to provide a surprise video chat with Tikeh and his family using the book festival’s Crowdcast platform.

“Whether that’s playing soccer, dancing, playing an instrument or writing, make the most of that talent while you’re still a kid because when you’re an adult you’ll never forget it. Children can do extraordinary things and we have to show the world what we are capable of, ” said Tikeh.

The full video is available on Madison Public Library’s YouTube channel. Copies of “Hat Trick” are available from Madison Public Library now.