Madison protesters march to Dane County Jail, gather outside State Capitol

MADISON, Wis. — A group of Madison protesters momentarily blocked John Nolen Drive near Olin Park on Friday night as they marched towards the Dane County Jail.

The group was formed by those attending Madison’s Juneteenth celebration in Olin Park, and led by organizers with Freedom Inc and Urban Triage.

Once at the jail, leaders of the group asked those in attendance to contribute to the Free the 350 bail fund, a local bail fund working to get inmates out of the Dane County Jail. The group said that on Friday alone, they were able to help 13 individuals post bail.

Organizers asked for continued support in efforts to advocate for police defunding, the release of inmates, and the creation of community policing.

After the demonstrations at the jail were over, those leading the march asked for those in attendance to disperse, in efforts of continuing to bail inmates out in privacy.

Following the dispersing of the crowd, some gathered at the steps of the Capitol facing State Street. For close to two hours, they led a peaceful protest.