Madison Police Respond To Rash Of Vending Machine Thefts

Madison police said they have responded to seven separate incidents of thefts from vending machines so far this year.

In the most recent incident, officers responded to Bottle Shop Liquors on the 2700 block of East Washington Avenue, where two vending machines outside the store had been broken into and cash was stolen, according to a police incident report.

Damage to each machine is estimated at $1,500, according to officials.

Police said they responded to similar incidents on the same night on the 3300 block of East Washington Avenue and the 500 block of West Doty Street.

Officers were also called to vending machine robberies on Jan. 9 on the 3200 block of East Washington Avenue and two robberies on Jan. 2 on the 1000 block of South Whitney Way and the 2500 block of South Stoughton Road.