Madison police prepare for possible protests following Kenosha shooting decision

MADISON, Wis.– Protests stretched from Kenosha to Madison following the Jacob Blake shooting in August. Now, after the Kenosha County District Attorney’s Office announced officers involved will not be charged, the City of Madison is prepared for the possibility of additional protests.

“The city and the Madison Police Department obviously watch very closely to what’s going on in our community and in the state and certainly always make contingency plans to be prepared for anything that might go on,” Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway said. “Our approach has always been to prioritize keeping people safe and that includes anybody who might be protesting, officers, bystanders and people living in nearby buildings, and that’s what we will continue to do.”

Madison Police Department said it will increase staffing as needed according to protest activity.

“The Madison Police Department is committed to facilitating the expression of community members’ First Amendment rights while maintaining public safety. Balancing these goals and maintaining a safe environment under these circumstances is challenging,” a statement from Madison Police Department said.

Rhodes-Conway later wrote in a Twitter post Tuesday that Wisconsin “has much more work to do to end the devastating racial disparities in our criminal justice system” and said she stands with those who are working for change.

The city is hoping any reaction to the Kenosha DA’s decision remains peaceful.