Madison police investigate alleged pistol-whipping

Victim told police the attacker was his neighbor

Madison Police are investigating a 28-year-old man’s claim that he was pistol-whipped inside a Vilas Avenue apartment early Sunday morning.

The victim told police his attacker is his neighbor, Esteban R. Bernard.

According to the Madison Police Department incident report, Bernard accused the victim of stealing money.

Police said they arrested Bernard on charges of substantial battery and possession with intent to deliver. The second charge came after investigating officers found evidence of a small marijuana grow operation inside the suspect’s apartment, police said.

Police have seized the marijuana and growing equipment.

The victim told police there were several other men present during the assault. Police said they arrested one of the men near Park Street, after a handgun was found underneath the seat of his car during a traffic stop .

The man was taken into custody with party to a crime of substantial battery, according to the Madison Police Department incident report.