Madison police have video of road rage incident involving a car and bike

Video of incident posted on social media
Madison police have video of road rage incident involving a car and bike

The executive director of the Wisconsin Bike Fed is asking the Madison Police Department to look into what appears to be a road rage incident involving the driver of a car and a cyclist.

The incident started at the intersection of Jenifer and Ingersoll Streets on Madison’s east side. The video shows the car going past a stop sign as it turned east onto Jenifer street. The cyclist did not have a stop sign as it was traveling east on Jenifer Street.

“The driver was clearly not in the right of way, and it didn’t appear the driver totally stopped at the stop sign,” Dave Cieslewicz, executive director of the Wisconsin Bike Fed and former Madison mayor, said.

The video then shows the driver of the car accelerating to catch up to the cyclist. The driver pulled up alongside the cyclist, rolled the window down on the passenger side of the car and complained the cyclist was taking up too much of the road.

“The driver at one point complains that the cyclist is taking the full lane, but cyclists can do that when they believe it is necessary for their own safety,” Cieslewicz said. “That area of Jenifer Street is marked with arrows, saying specifically that the cyclist does have the right-of-way to take the whole lane.”

After chasing the cyclist for several blocks, the video shows the driver pull in front and force the cyclist to stop. The driver exited his car and confronted the cyclist briefly before getting back in the car and leaving.

“It was a dangerous situation and one that could have resulted in real tragedy if the driver had actually hit the cyclist and that resulted in injury or worse. Not only would that be a tragedy for the cyclist’s family, it would have been a tragedy for the driver,” Cieslewisz said.