Madison police get approval to add 8 officers

Madison police get approval to add 8 officers
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The Madison Police Department will soon add more officers to the force. The Joint Finance Committee approved the amendment to the city’s 2018 operating budget. This brings eight additional patrol officers and three marked squad cars to the department.
The decision was met with some backlash from residents who referred to an outside study on the Madison police that raised questions over how officers use their time. They asked alders to delay the approval.

“I urge you to allow the full analysis of the report to soak in before making expensive and quite possibly unnecessary increases to MPD’s operating budget,” Nathan Royko Mauer, a Madison resident said at the meeting.

Madison police Chief Mike Koval said the department simply does not have time to wait because of the timeline for the next officer recruiting class. He said the extra police are needed now because of a heavy workload.

Another study by the city’s police and finance departments back in 2016 stated 13 more patrol officers were needed based on workload.

The extra officers will cost about $600,000 annually. The eight recruits will be added to the Police Department’s academy that begins in May.