Madison police detective dies after fight with rare cancer


MADISON, Wis. — A Madison Police Department detective died Tuesday after a fight with a rare form of cancer, officials announced Wednesday.

Amanda Analla joined the department in 2008, working as a youth mentor on Madison’s south side. She was promoted to detective in 2019.

“She’s remembered as a kind and caring officer,” officials said in a tweet. “Someone who loved children and modeled the definition of community policing.”

Analla was a Neighborhood Police Officer in the Bram’s Addition neighborhood, building relationships with the community, South Police District Captain Mike Hanson said.

“We will greatly miss Amanda’s positive energy and sincere smile. In the spirit of Amanda, smile as much as you can this week, be kind to one another and keep hope alive,” Hanson said in a statement on the department’s website.

Analla is survived by her wife and two young daughters.