Madison Police Department’s new director of data, reform and innovation starts work

MADISON, Wis. — The Madison Police Department has a new high-level official tasked with overseeing the agency’s records, crime analysis and criminal intelligence sections.

Dr. Lee Hunt began serving as the Police Director of Data, Reform, and Innovation on Monday.

In the new role, which was created in last year’s budget, Hunt will help the department focus on evidence-based policing, community engagement and transparency, Police Chief Shon Barnes said. Hunt will also help evaluate the department’s current processes and technologies.

“It was a vision of ours and had for some time, we were able to articulate that to the mayor last year and she thought it was a great idea and fully supported it,” he said.

The goal is not only for Hunt to analyze data but to help identify solutions to problems officers see in the community.

Another facet of the job will be to identify and support crime reduction strategies.

“We want to implement and apply those crime reduction strategies and those community engagement strategies that work, that reduce crime without having to increase arrests,” Hunt said.

Hunt, who has worked in law enforcement for 30 years, most recently worked in a similar role with another agency. He has also worked in Madison twice in the past.