Madison Police begin receiving COVID-19 vaccinations

MADISON, Wis. — The Madison Police Department is getting their first round of COVID-19 vaccinations as first responders are included in the next phase of the vaccine rollout.

Over the course of Wednesday and Thursday, about 500 members of the department will get their first doses as part of a partnership with Promega. In three weeks’ time, they’ll come back to get their second dose.

Interim Chief Vic Wahl says the vaccine is vitally important for first responders, who can’t take the precautions against COVID-19 that other community members can.

“Obviously the work we do, we can’t telecommute our folks are out in the community interacting with people, going to calls, so the fact that we’re able to get everybody vaccinated here in a very efficient way is just fantastic,” Wahl said. “It not only benefits our officers, but it’s going to benefit the community.”

Chief Wahl says over the course of the pandemic, about 40 Madison Police personnel have contracted COVID-19, which he says hampers their ability to properly serve and protect.

He expects up to 90 percent of the department to get the vaccine.