Madison Plan Commission pushes vote on repealing Edgewood Master Plan

Madison Plan Commission pushes vote on repealing Edgewood Master Plan

The Madison Plan Commission decided to postpone the decision to repeal Edgewood’s Master Plan at its meeting Monday night.

The decision came more than seven hours after the start of the meeting, where the commission discussed multiple ordinances related to the ongoing dispute between the city and the school.

One hour before the Plan Commission meeting is supposed to start, people are already lining up to get inside. Tonight the commission will talk about repealing Edgewood’s master plan, which is maybe popular at the city level, but not among Edgewood’s neighbors. #News3Now

— Amy Reid (@amyreidreports) August 26, 2019

Hundreds of people signed up to speak on this issue. Most that live in the neighborhood said they wanted the commission to uphold the Master Plan, while those on the side of the school asked the commission to repeal it.

With an ongoing lawsuit against the city, the city attorney wrote a letter to the members of the Plan Commission saying it is in the city’s best interest to repeal the Master Plan.

Correspondence between the city and the attorneys representing Edgewood show conflicting perspectives on how the repeal of the Master Plan would tie into a lawsuit the school has filed against the city.

“Edgewood is not filing the lawsuit as a threat, a power play, or as a means of strong-arming public officials into supporting the master plan withdrawal ordinance,” wrote one of the school’s attorneys in an email to the city. “It is doing so to preserve its rights to secure equal treatment if the Master Plan withdrawal ordinance fails.”

The attorney continued to say if Edgewood could have waited until after the final vote to decide to file, it would have. The school said it was forced to file within 30 days of the Zoning Board of Appeals decision not to allow games on the field.

Another ordinance discussed at Monday’s meeting was a zoning rule that would affect those classified as a Campus-Institutional District, such as Edgewood, UW-Madison and some area public schools. It would apply zoning ordinances that currently exempt entities in Campus-Institutional Districts, such as UW-Madison and some public schools, when making alterations that exceed 4,000 square feet.

Many at the meeting criticized the ordinance’s timing as a direct target against Edgewood. The legislation was introduced last week. The Plan Commission voted unanimously to refer the ordinance to its next meeting in order to further review it.

The discussion will continue on Sept. 16.

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