Madison opens Monona Terrace as cooling center

Cots, water provided at Monona Terrace
Madison opens Monona Terrace as cooling center

Madison city leaders have again opened the Monona Terrace in downtown Madison as a cooling center.

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin said Monday that cots and water are being provided for people who stay there overnight to get relief from the heat.

The Monona Terrace Exhibition Hall will be open continuously as a cooling center until 8 a.m. Wednesday for public use. People should enter off of the bike path a lake level.

People can keep cool at several public buildings during the day, including the Warner Park Community Center and at Madison public library branches.

City officials are also asking residents not to water their lawns.

“Our annual average day is about 28-30 million gallons in recent years. Our summer average has been between 30-35 (million gallons) in recent years. We’ve been pumping between 45 and 49 million gallons of water for several weeks, so we’re operating at the edge right now,” said Tom Heikkinen, general manager of the Madison Water Utility.

Officials said if people must water, they should do so in the early morning or late evening.