Madison officers remember fallen sergeant

Madison police officers said goodbye to one of their own Wednesday as the department held a visitation for Sergeant Karen Krahn.

Krahn’s colleagues remembered her as a storyteller at heart as they gathered at Gunderson Funeral Home.

“She was always ready with a smile and ready to have a good time, and that included a good story,” Madison Police Lieutenant Kelly Donahue said.

“She was pretty notorious for telling her stories, and she was a talker, there was no doubt about it,” Mounted Patrol Sergeant Chris Boyd said.

Now Boyd, Donahue and the rest of the Madison Police Department are telling their own stories about their fallen colleague. Krahn died Sunday after a lengthy battle with cancer that took its own toll on her friends and family.

“She fought for almost a year and a half, and it causes you to question your own mortality,” Donahue said.

MPD presented Krahn with the department’s first Courageous Award last week while she was in hospice.

While police shared stories of Krahn amongst themselves Wednesday, some of them included her special bond with members of the Mounted Patrol and K-9 units.

“Karen was always drawn to them,” Boyd said of the Mounted Patrol horses. “During braeks, when we have breaks in between training sessions, Karen was over petting the horses quite a bit, and the same went with the dogs.”

Krahn’s bond with the animals didn’t break with her passing. The K-9 unit paid their respects at the visitation, and horses with the Mounted Patrol will make an appearance at her funeral Thursday.

Meanwhile, Madison’s officers will continue to preserve Krahn’s memory through their own storytelling.

“It comes down to relationships and people,” Donahue said. “If we can just continue to share the stories and memories, it will be healing for us, as well.”

Krahn’s funeral will take place on Thursday. Her family is asking that instead of flowers, people can make donations to the Carbone Cancer Center or the Capital K-9 Association.