Madison named best college football town

Badgers hometown tops 15 finalists
Madison named best college football town

Madison has been named America’s best college football town in a USA Today reader survey.

The home of the University of Wisconsin Badgers topped 15 finalists in a survey and received 50,000 votes.

Greater Madison Convention and Visitors Bureau Public Relations and Communications Manger Judy Frankel told WISC-TV they marshaled everything they had to get people to vote.

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She said when she got the call from USA Today, she was told Madison was leading the list of finalists from the get-go.

A group of sports writers came up with the list of finalists. Blacksburg, Va. came in second in the voting.

Frankel said she’s proud of the accolade.

“There’s a wonderful Badger pride every game day in Madison,” she said.

In the same issue of USA Today, Madison was also named in the list of the top 10  cities to find food while riding your bike.