Madison Murder: Investigation Discovery show to share story Caroline Nosal’s killing

Premier episode airs Saturday
Madison Murder: Investigation Discovery show to share story Caroline Nosal’s killing

An Investigation Discovery show will feature the story of a 24-year-old woman who was murdered while leaving work on Madison’s east side.

The show will premier Saturday, telling the story of Caroline Nosal, who was killed in February 2016. Christopher O’Kroley was convicted of shooting Nosal and died at the Waupon Correctional institution in May.

O’Kroley and Nosal were former co-workers at the Metro Market Grocery store. Nosal was shot as she walked to her car after a shift. O’Kroley blamed Nosal for getting him fired. She complained to management that he was harassing another employee.

The description of the episode reads: “24-year-old grocery store worker, Caroline Nosal befriends her introvert colleague Christopher O’Kroley. Chris is eager to make friends with Caroline, possibly to eager. Caroline complains to store management about Chris (and) things don’t turn out as planned.”

The Investigation Discovery website says that each episode in the six-part series “re-tells the shocking events leading to one workplace murder. The episodes will have “real media” accompanying interview testimony, the victim’s personal items, 911 calls, crime scene photographs, surveillance footage and more.

The show will premiere Saturday at 9 p.m. Below is Investigation Discovery’s description of the series called “The Killer Beside Me”:

“We should all feel safe in the workplace. We should all feel comfortable collaborating with our colleagues. We should never feel that merely earning our dough puts our lives in jeopardy. But for some unfortunate employees, their co-workers in their office spaces, shop floors and factories were the cause of their untimely demise. Killer Beside Me exposes the dark underbelly of workplace evil, where rivalry romance and the abuse of power culminates in a brutal slaying.”