Madison Metropolitan School District chooses online classes in summer school plan

The Madison Metropolitan School District is finalizing its plan for summer school.

In a call with reporters Friday, representatives from the district said classes will be all online, and they will be offered for kids in third through twelfth grades.

The earlier years, third through eighth grades, will focus on math and literacy. High schoolers, those in ninth through twelfth grades, can do some credit recovery and will have a few options to take P.E., health and personal finance. The district is also planning on offering some additional resources for parents and students.

The district said it is still working on a plan with Public Health Madison and Dane County for if a student, teacher or staff member tests positive.

Interim superintendent Jane Belmore asks for patience from parents while they work through the unknowns.

“We are working hard to figure out the best ways possible to deliver instruction and keep everybody safe at the same time,” she said. “And I would ask them to think about how they can provide information to us.”

Belmore said the district is planning on getting feedback on virtual learning from parents, especially as they look to develop their plan for the fall.

Right now they are leaving room for that plan to be part virtual, part in person, but it depends on how the virus evolves.

Another arm of school in the summer, the programs offered through Madison School and Community Recreation, have been canceled, and parents will be refunded, according to the district. In the programs’ place, MSCR will offer online programs and potentially summer camps.