Madison Memorial ties Oregon in soccer

Battle between two of the best teams in S. Wisconsin
Madison Memorial ties Oregon in soccer

Two of the top soccer teams in southern Wisconsin battled to a draw Thursday in Madison.

It was senior day at Madison Memorial and it did not disappoint, as they hosted the Oregon Panthers in an evenly matched game.

The first goal of the game came off the head of Oregon’s Colin Mcreavy, to make it 1-0.
The lead was short lived, as Memorial’s own Ty Pelton-Bryce came up with a goal of his own.
Outside of those goals, however, there was very little offense in the game, as Dan Dombrowski made several game saving grabs. The match went to double overtime, but the final score stayed at a 1-1 tie.
Memorial goes to 10-5-1 following the tie. Oregon goes to 12-1-2.