‘Madison Meet and Eat’ promotes healthy eating

Program will bring together community, local food vendors

The city of Madison is illuminating the issue of “food deserts” with their Madison Meet and Eat program.

The program brings together local food cart vendors and community members to address “food deserts,” or an area where “healthy, affordable food is difficult to obtain,” according to Mayor Paul Soglin in a release.

The Madison Meet and Eat program will introduce community member to new, local food options, said city officials.

“Madison Meet and Eat is a great opportunity to take the vendors to the people so families and neighbors are able to get together and try different cuisine,” Soglin said.

The event will take place over four consecutive Thursdays from 5-7:30 p.m. starting on July 12 and ending on August 2.

It will take place in the Meadowood Shopping Center.

Some food vendors in attendance include Banzo, Electric Earth, Natural Juice and Wei’s Food to go.