Madison mayor tells President Trump not to deploy military against protesters

Satya Rhodes-Conway
Mayor Rhodes-Conway

MADISON, Wis. — In a statement Saturday afternoon, Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway told President Donald Trump not to deploy the military against protesters.

According to a news release, Rhodes-Conway’s office contacted the White House earlier this week and said that the President’s threat to deploy the military to quell protests was unwelcome and unacceptable.

“The effort to make meaningful, structural change to protect Black lives can, and must be, advanced in legal and righteous peaceful protest,” said Mayor Rhodes-Conway in a statement. “We hear our community and we support this peaceful advocacy. Deploying the U.S. military to the streets of Madison or other cities would send the wrong signal and undermine needed efforts to address issues of police reform.”

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wisconsin) and two other members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus announced they were introducing legislation Thursday to amend the Insurrection Act to require Congressional authorization before the deployment of active-duty troops to quell unrest.

President Trump has repeatedly tweeted over the past week pushing for active duty troops to quell protests throughout the country.