Madison Makers | Old Sugar Distillery

OSD boasts a warm, spacious tasting room fit for the likes of Don Draper
Madison Makers | Old Sugar Distillery

In a time when so much of what we do takes place in the digital realm, Sara Gomach was drawn in the opposite direction, toward the craftspeople, designers, artists, cooks—the makers—in Madison creating things with their own hands. In late 2013, the local photojournalist began documenting these eclectic artisans in their workspaces, showcasing their stories through stories and images. The following is a glimpse into the creativity she’s captured.


It’s not just for gentlemen anymore—whiskey that is, nor brandy, rum or the other fine spirits distilled by Nathan Greenawalt and his crew at Old Sugar Distillery over on East Main Street on Madison’s eclectic near east side. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. Artful cocktails, such as the Honey Cap, made with their Honey Liqueur and fresh lime juice, are perfectly refreshing on a hot summer day, while the Main Street, Old Sugar’s version of a sazerac, is sure to put hair on your chest, whether you want it or not.

Behind a brick, factory-like exterior you’ll find a warm and spacious tasting room fit for the likes of Don Draper. Picnic tables on the east side of the room and out on the sidewalk add rugged “Wisco” charm. Looming over the gathering space, with its rightful dominance, is the copper still. Wooden barrels holding Madison’s finest line the south side of the room. Hazy light beats through paned glass. Walk in, take a deep breath and absorb the rich smell of oak wafting through the air.

Old Sugar Factory, as it was originally named, has become both a connoisseur’s watering hole and a unique setting for novices to enjoy creative cocktails and the company of friends. From the cocktails to the Old Sugar gear to even an upright piano, there is something here for everyone.

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