A chart showing different investments including alternative ways to invest

Experienced investors know there are plenty of chances to invest beyond conventional financial assets. Alternative investments are one great example and include things like private equity or venture capital, art and antiques, real estate, and more. Basically, these are investments that do not fall into traditional investment categories like stocks, bonds, and other more obvious forms of financial investments. However, they are important pieces of a well-rounded financial portfolio for accredited investors or qualified purchasers.


Headshot of Andrew Burish

“It has become increasingly important for investors to consider exposure to private markets,” says Andrew D. Burish, Managing Director and Financial Advisor at UBS Financial Services Inc. “In our view, private markets offer a combination of high potential returns, a long-term focus, and access to innovative and fast-growing businesses,” he explains. “Essentially, alternative investments give investors access to a wider universe of unique investment opportunities.”