Group of employees at Govirtual Office

The work at goVirtualOffice involves a lot of variety. “No day is the same, and although it is challenging work,” says Jared Burke, CEO and managing partner, “if you’re a fan of lifelong learning, you are going to love it here.” At goVirtualOffice, you must learn the tech you will then teach the clients, but it’s also a team atmosphere where everyone works together to support each other’s learning. “You’ll have great, supportive peers. We’re always listening. We want everyone on the team to feel like an owner, that this is our company together,” says Burke.

All this support works to assist the clients because the team members at goVirtualOffice truly care about their clients’ success. “We really listen and work to help clients down the path of adding in these new electronic systems — all the way down to training them to use the software,” says Burke. goVirtualOffice provides Enterprise Resource Planning software, specifically Oracle NetSuite. “We want to help make things work seamlessly for our clients.”

But it isn’t all learning, work and no play. “People working here really enjoy the fun environment,” explains Burke, touching on the informal and relaxed atmosphere. “We try to take a break and have fun together. And when we go on team-building experiences, it always feels like we are out with a bunch of friends and not at a corporate event.” Adding to the informal setting, goVirtualOffice will become all-remote “because what the team wants really matters to us,” says Burke. “We are invested in each other professionally and personally.”

At a Glance:

Company name: goVirtualOffice

Years in business: 17

Company values: Trust, integrity, honesty and transparency

Company info:

1025 Quinn Drive, #100, Waunakee