Simplifying Life

Older Couple carrying moving boes

LIVING IN WISCONSIN brings excitement and anticipation with changing seasons — vibrant colors on the trees in the fall, long sunny days during the summer months, fresh fallen snow and ice on the trees during the winter, and budding flowers each spring. But the change in seasons also brings thoughts of yardwork: shoveling, gardening and keeping up a house that may seem more overwhelming each year. Many seniors find themselves torn between keeping their home with all the fond memories and the practical need for downsizing to something smaller — and the thought of change is scary.

For seniors who are still independent and caring for themselves, assisted living may not be the next logical step. There is another option to consider. Independent living is all about a lifestyle that offers social opportunities and a sense of community without the hassles of upkeep that come with owning a home. The words “independent living” describe a range of options from simple apartment living in a 55+ community to an apartment complex with services and amenities such as meals and activities — sometimes even transportation — offered daily. Seniors can choose a community that fits their needs and has all the features and amenities they want at this point in their lives.