Rewind Decor thrifting

Some thrift shops have stacks upon stacks of furniture, tchotchkes and stoneware. That’s not the kind of environment Morgan Miller wanted to provide at Rewind Decor, the shop he opened in 2016. Miller wanted to create an experience that mimicked the feeling of an art gallery without the pretension. After all, that’s where he spent much of his career before becoming a shop owner: Miller ran art galleries all over the world for 15 years.

“Back in 2002-03, someone came in the gallery and said, ‘It must be hard to be in this business; art isn’t a necessity,’ ” Miller recalls, but he argues the opposite. “Go back to [our] primitive experiences as a species, even cavemen had art on the wall. Art is such a form of communication and expression — we need that. I wanted to create something where you’re walking into someone’s badass house and you could take anything home.”