Phillip the Whippet

Back in March, Madison Magazine hosted Madison’s Cutest Pets Search to find the area’s most fetching pets. We didn’t expect to get 370 entries, and it was nearly an impossible task to choose winners. We editors cried from cuteness. We laughed at the silly faces. We obsessed over bow tie-clad Frenchies, smiley terriers, curious kittens, spiky hedgehogs and even an axolotl. Top awards aside, we concluded that every one of the entries could have been a winner, and browsing this cross-section of pets gives us confidence to say: The Madison area officially has some of the cutest pets around.

Overall Winner


Photo by Nikki Hansen


Winning entry submitted photo (Courtesy of the owners)


Photo by Nikki Hansen


Photo by Nikki Hansen/Bandanas by Petphoria


Photo by Nikki Hansen

Snickers, Hershey, Kit Kat

Photo by Nikki Hansen


Photo by Nikki Hansen/Bandana by Rupert & Co.


Photo by Nikki Hansen


Photo by Nikki Hansen

Phillip Edward Hoisington

Photo by Nikki Hansen


Photo by Nikki Hansen

Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 11.19.04 AM

Five honorable mentions


Top Row left to right: Peaches, Bucky, Waddles; Bottom Row left to right: Stanley, Chloe, Finnley (Courtesy of owners)


Top row left to right: Surly and Charles, Louise, Olive; Bottom row left to right: Abigail, Ollie, Disney (Courtesy of owners)


Top row left to right: Winnie, Bailey, Donnie; Bottom row left to right: Dude, Marcel (Courtesy of owners)


Cuddy and JJ on left and Remi on right (Courtesy of owners)


Porter (left) and Freddie Mercury (right) (Courtesy of owners)


Top left then clockwise: Vincent, Dolly, Luci, Meekah (Courtesy of owners)


Left to right: Lucy, Dr. Henry Jones Jr., Luna (Courtesy of owners)


Left then clockwise: Lucky, Windigo, Oskar, Albert (Courtesy of owners)


Left then clockwise: Bailey Rice, Summer, Kingston, Levee (Courtesy of owners)

Senior Editor

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