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MADISON – With all of April being Earth Month and Earth Day taking place Friday, it’s the perfect time to take a look at our local natural environment. The city of Madison is celebrating 50 years of its conservation parks. Spread across the entire city, 21 unique conservation parks highlight and preserve the glacial land that Madison once was. Whether…

Our vegan and vegetarian scene isn’t exactly robust, but we combed through Madison menus to find some of the best meatless dishes the city has to offer.

Small changes are meaningful when it comes to reducing your personal consumption. In Madison, local stores and groups are encouraging people to live low-waste lives.

As local experts work to strategize what comes next, are the rest of us doing all we can do to take personal responsibility for what we throw away?

Fifty years after Wisconsin’s Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day, environmentalists continue to mobilize around climate change.

We all love retail therapy, but we don’t always consider the true price. Not just the dollars on our credit cards, but the human and environmental cost behind every purchase.

Madisonians know where to buy locally sourced meat and produce, but not so much when it comes to seafood. Where our fish comes from, how it gets to us and what practices are used are questions that run as deep as the waters being fished.