Dec22 Bite Wings

Chicken wings are simple, really, and yet so complex. A finger-sized palette for sauce-making sorcerers and dry-rub wizards to bring to spice-fueled life. The centerpiece of any football party or night out with friends. One of the most wonderfully messy appetizers (or, if you prefer, entrees) you’ll ever have the pleasure to gnaw. 

In recent years, the chicken wing has become like precious gold, its availability crimped by supply chains and inflationary pricing that’s made more than a few restaurants flip to the chicken thigh as a more affordable alternative. The good news? Wings are back in a big way, and you don’t have to look hard to find Madison restaurants that really know how to make them shine. 

Madisons wings_5738 CHRISTINA PARDO

Madison’s (photo courtesy of Christina Pardo)

Vintage RipRipChicken PROVIDED

Vintage Brewing Co.’s Rip Rip Chicken (photo courtesy of Vintage Brewing Co.)

Great Dane wings FB CREDIT David Reinemann

Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co. (photo by David Reinemann)