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Freiburg Tap Haus

Lunch $15   Dinner $25

Freiburg Tap Haus

Sun: 10a-4p, Mon: 11a-9p, Tue-Fri: 11a-10p, Sat: 10a-10p
107 State St. Madison, WI 53703


LUNCH ~ $15



Brat Stickers

Organic seasoned bratwurst, onion, and cabbage in a won ton wrap, deep fried served with haus mustard.


Single Bavarian Pretzel

Haus made bavarian pretzel topped with melted butter and kosher salt baked to a golden brown with cucumbers, pickled onions and haus mustard.


Potato Pancakes

Served with apple compote and lemon sour cream.



Ruben Sandwich

Haus made corned beef, 1000 island, swiss. and haus made sauerkraut on marble rye bread,
served with sea salt & black pepper French fries.


Doner Kebab

Choice of chicken or vegetable doner kebab served with sea salt & black pepper French fries.


Potabella Beef(less) Stew

Traditional style stew with portabella mushrooms, carrots, onions, potatoes, and celery in a hearty vegetable base, served with mixed greens.


Tap Haus Burger

Angus patty cooked to order served on a pretzle bun with lettuce, tomato and onion,
served with sea salt and black pepper French fries.



Apple Strudel


Bavarian Crème
With apple compote.


Carrot Cake
With cream cheese frosting.


DINNER ~ $25



Ruben Rolls

Corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and 1000 island inside an eggroll wrap deep fried and
served with dressed arugula and 1000 island dipping sauce.


2 Bavarian Pretzels

Haus made pretzels with cucumbers, pickled red onion and haus mustard.


Cup of Beer Cheese Soup
Hacker-Pschorr beer cheese soup topped with miniature croutons.


Haus Salad

Mixed greens, apples, carrots and pickled red onions tossed in lemon honey vinaigrette.




Served with haus made sweet and sour red cabbage and heaven and earth potatoes.



Topped with hunters mushroom gravy and served with spätzle and sweet and sour red cabbage.


German Mac'n'Cheese

Pan fried spätzle in a creamy emmanthaler and Swiss cheese sauce
topped with crispy onions and served with mixed greens.


German Meatballs

Our haus made meatballs slow simmered in our hunters mushroom gravy served over pan fried spätzle.



German Chocolate Cake


Apple Strudel


 Bavarian Crème with Pickled Cherry Compote


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