Leopold’s Books Bar Caffè

In January, we take the cold plunge into winter. It’s a string of dark, tempestuous days with few seasonal experiences to gather around. This time of year, we’re extra grateful for the hangouts that make weathering January just a little less glum. There are many Madison bars that, for some, feel like an extension of the home living room. It could be the cozy and eclectic spot where you can hide behind a novel while you double-fist an espresso and a glass of wine. Other spots are unassuming dives that let you embrace different sides of your persona on any given night. Will you shrink into the corner this time or perform boldly at the billiards table? And at the neighborhood bar, there’s no need to make plans — just show up and you’ll find familiar faces.

THE COZIEST | Leopold’s Books Bar Caffè

The Village Bar
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