Italian immigrants settled in Greenbush

Many American cities have areas famous for their large populations of Italian immigrants. In New York it is Little Italy, in Boston the North End and in St. Louis the Hill. It was only natural that those seeking a new life in a foreign land would settle among family and friends. Here it was in the southside Greenbush neighborhood, affectionately nicknamed the ‘Bush (roughly bounded by Regent Street, West Washington Avenue and South Park Street, Erin Street and Randall Avenue). It was the point of entry for many including Jews from Eastern Europe and African Americans from the South, but especially Italians from Sicily. This vibrant community was also home to mom-and-pop groceries, bars and restaurants–so many restaurants that the intersection of Park and Regent was dubbed Spaghetti Corners. Little remains of the old ‘Bush, a victim of the city’s attempt at urban renewal in the 1960s.