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Detox with these 5 (Madison-made!) bottled drinks

Kombucha, cold brew and juice for a new you!

Detoxify in the new year with cold-pressed juice, kombucha and cold brew coffee, all made locally.

Guilt-Free Pleasure
Identifying a shortage of convenient healthy food options in Madison, Joyce Cullen and Joanna Um brought the city its first cold-pressed juicery, Saints Madison Juice Co. The raw, unpasteurized juice is versatile and can serve as a meal, snack or beverage, Cullen says. Every juice is crafted and bottled in-house using a hydraulic press—which applies thousands of pounds of pressure to fruits and vegetables to extract juice—to ensure it maintains its nutrients, enzymes and minerals. Ultimately, it’s about upholding “the integrity of the juice” and resetting both the mind and the body for a different way of thinking about food, Cullen says. Saints also offers nut mylks, shots and juice cleanse packages. Best sellers include the Prophe-see, Radiant Greens, Exorcist and Superblue. Cullen hopes cold-press juices last beyond the heat of a transient trend and continue to promote a health-conscious mentality. 821 Williamson St., 628-2990, saintsmadison.com

Who knew ferment, bacteria and yeast could taste so good? Certified herbalists Vanessa Tortolano and Alla Shapiro certainly did when they founded NessAlla about a decade ago. The local kombucha brewery is among the first of its kind in the nation, and its mission is to educate the Madison community about health and wellness. Every batch is made fresh to order from scratch using custom-blended Rishi teas and reverse osmosis purified water. Seasonal brews, like hibiscus cardamom ginger, also fuse in wild crafted herbs. For something light, floral and aromatic, try the juniper rose kombucha. If you’re feeling a pinch of sweet and heat, opt for the mango turmeric kombucha. Don’t worry if you’re not an adventurous eater; you’ll always have traditional flavors like the oolong kombucha to fall back on. 1418 South Park St., 354-5293, nessalla.com

Best of Both Worlds
Juice or kombucha? Who said you had to pick one—Forage Kitchen offers both. Unlike most kombucha brewers, Forage believes that the fizzy drink is the best in its most natural state. They offer three varieties of kombucha at $4 each: raspberry and ginger year-round, and white tea peach occasionally. If you’re looking for something loaded with fruits and veggies, Forage also offers two cold-pressed juices. Try Right on Beet for a rejuvenating fusion of beets, apple, orange, ginger and lemon. The other juice offering is Lean Mean and Green, containing cucumber, kale, apple and lemon. 665 State St., foragemadison.com

Canny Flavors
Coffee doesn’t just come in mugs and plastic or paper cups. Owners Roy LaValley and Jennifer Roth founded Cadence Cold Brew Coffee so your daily dose of energy can be packed into a handy tall-boy can. Every brew is nitrogen pressurized, which makes every sip creamier, fresher and bolder but less acidic than your average coffee. Cadence serves up Ethiopian and Central/South American blends, plus a mixture of the two. They don’t stop at coffee, though; they also recently released a cold brew, nitro-infused tea with similar processes. Check out the Asian black mango, Honduran hibiscus and Central London citrus teas. The toughest decision of all: coffee or tea? 467-8019, cadencecoldbrew.com

One for the Road
Let It Ride is the brainchild of owners Mike McDuffee and Ace Lynn-Miller, and their dedication to producing a delicate local product is self-evident in its production process: McDuffee and Lynn-Miller drive to Milwaukee themselves to pick up the bottles. Cold brewed usually twice a week, the coffee is sweet, nutty and woodsy and, of course, has coffee’s natural bite. Behind the high-energy drink are organic, fair-trade coffee beans acquired from local roasters. 628-0046, letitridecoldbrew.com
Haidee Chu is a former editorial intern at Madison Magazine.

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