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4 hyper-local honey producers to check out

Learn about the faces behind the beekeeping masks

Better bee-lieve (sorry) we have a hive full of local honey makers in Madison. Here are a couple faces behind the beekeeping masks.

Mad Urban Bees
Nathan Clarke hosts his hives (say that five times fast) in and around the Madison area, advocating for and educating people about urban beekeeping. His products are available at Willy Street Co-op, Metcalfe’s, Hy-Vee and other area retailers.

Marsden’s Pure Honey
Dale Marsden has been keeping bees for more than fifty years, and he stresses the importance of seasonal variation and distinct flavors of the honey he extracts. He offers his honey at the Dane County Farmers’ Market year-round—look for the man in the beehive hat.

Bee Charmer
Mary Celley is a source of knowledge about bees and offers troubleshooting for novice beekeepers along with various products from her hives: candles, honey, beeswax, salve and even bees themselves. The creamed honey is delicious spread on toast.

Gentle Breeze
Eugene Woller and his family have grown their beekeeping business from seven hives to more than six hundred. Their honey is primarily from alfalfa and clover and all from Wisconsin. You can find them, and a portable hive for viewing, at the Dane County Farmers’ market April through November and at various stores statewide.  

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