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Illustration by Carol SchufroWe’ve imagined the equivalents of some iconic pop culture bars right here in Madison. Some are loosely connected, and others are spot on. It’s fun to think that we can experience the world like some of our favorite characters — even for just one night. Cheers, “Cheers” → Mid Town Pub This listing wouldn’t be complete without a reference…

Weather the cold from inside these neighborhood gathering spots, cozy bars and beloved dives.

7 spots that offer outdoor globes for dining and drink gatherings in the Madison area.

Harvest celebrations, the science of beer and an art tour through scenic farmland. Madison’s going all out for fall gatherings around food.

Mushrooms have a starring role on menus across Madison, growers are cultivating unique varieties, many people are shifting to plant-based diets and home chefs are finding ways to incorporate fungi into dishes.

If you’re a foodie seeking unique experiences, you don’t have to travel far to find something more hands-on than just a delicious meal or typical cooking class.

No longer just for the health conscious, ethical eaters or those with dietary restrictions, these fresh, exciting, vegetable-forward dishes are becoming stars on local menus.

From bites made with 100% meat to a cupcake made specifically for pups, plus items with aesthetically pleasing packaging — you’ll find specialty dog treats are everywhere.

These local spots all specialize in the handheld staple and are finding ways to combine meats, cheeses, breads, vegetables and spreads to add extra layers to Madison’s lunch scene.