Delectable cooking class

Out of necessity, our cooking and baking skills were sharpened during the early pandemic. (Remember the sourdough era? And the short-lived dalgona coffee craze?) But we’re finding out that cooking for ourselves wasn’t just a passing phase. The Madison area has a medley of classes, kits and tools that have allowed us to continue improving our new moves in the kitchen. Many virtual classes are evolving, with some returning to in-person formats. And gathering with family and friends is mostly back in full force, so it’s time to wrangle your friends for a cooking class (or plan a fun night in with a meal kit) and get hands-on.


Pasture and Plenty meal kit
The Baked Lab
Cheese board illustration

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Hywania Thompson is a freelance writer originally from the Chicago area. She enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering, traveling to Ireland, attending Andy Grammer concerts and spending time with her puppy Grammer.