andie and cricket

Andie And Cricket

It’s finally here: The Pets Issue. Our team has been excited about this special edition for close to a year, and we’ve been stockpiling story ideas for months to fill an entire magazine, front to back, with pet-related content. We counted them all: You’ll find more than 250(!) pets featured in this issue. I apologize in advance to anyone who’s not as jazzed about the theme as we are — we simply love pets, like, a lot.

So we knew it would be a fun issue to work on, but I don’t think any of us could have known just how incredible of an idea it was to do a photo shoot with 16 different animals. Ready for their close-ups, our top winners of the Cutest Pets Search showed up in half-hour intervals to Chris Hynes’ Studio. Grumpus the cat perched on his dad’s shoulders for a good portion of the shoot and acted pretty unimpressed with the whole set up. Kona the basset hound kept tripping on her bandana while she did slow laps around the curtains. Walter and Otie the Frenchies sat like statues because they knew they’d get treats, Arlo the golden retriever showed off a few impressive tricks and Phillip the whippet ran the length of the studio several times before Tokyo-drifting directly into our photographer, Nikki Hansen.