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And the (Chamberlin) rock does feel pain according to John Roach

John Roach’s desire for speedy justice has been heightened by the Jan. 6 hearings.

“Traveler,” Bill and Bobbie Malone’s new book, will be released this fall. The couple moved to Texas after 25 years in Madison, but the adventure continues.

“They worship a Jesus who has a three-car garage and looks more like a Norwegian than a short Jewish guy.”

The Pickle Pro Courts grand opening is Aug. 1 at 5:30 p.m. and features Beef Butter BBQ and a pro fundraising exhibition match benefiting FEED Kitchens and the River Food Pantry. The five-court indoor facility is Madison’s first.

“I remember the day well. It was the moment I realized I had discovered a new sport.”

The 91-year-old mime master who first put Spring Green on the arts world map died on May 28.

“I often feel like I am the luckiest person on the planet, because 7 is not 16, and I still have this person here by my side, for a few more years, always ready for some new adventure or lesson or story.”

Our team has been excited about this special edition for close to a year, and we’ve been stockpiling story ideas for months to fill an entire magazine, front to back, with pet-related content.

“We, meaning my wife and I, are in an interesting phase. We raised three children and ushered them off to college. They are now working professionals. They have their own homes and lives.”

The new “ghost particles” group was formed by five musical friends from several area bands. Their debut CD of the same name features 11 original songs.

Before her February 2022 death, the professor emeritus helped found numerous charitable initiatives and taught an estimated 2,500 future veterinarians.

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The mandate to experience joy despite life’s suffering is one of the greatest gifts of pet ownership.

Lyle Alzado died 30 years ago at the age 43. Before that, Doug Moe spent a three weeks at the NFL player’s home for a book that was never published.

Each of us learned about the histories of the areas, we met business owners and we had fun living like locals for a bit in a new place.

“Life experience has made me quick to recognize when the theater of authority is being employed, specifically titles and goofy costumes.”

Madison Jazz legend Ben Sidran’s new album was recorded with his son Leo, and bassist Billy Peterson, in a single day at DNA Music Labs on Winnebago Street.

There’s no question who the ZEBRADOG design firm founder will be rooting for Saturday night when Duke faces the University of North Carolina.

What I did discover — after diving into Ron Faiola’s latest book about supper clubs and through case studies of one old, one new and two soon-to-open restaurants — was that the answer was a lot simpler than I thought.

Tommy’s energy and optimism stand in stark contrast to the politics of today.

Kellie Monroe Aquino is a Mount Horeb eighth-grade science teacher and now a three-peat winner of the adult spelling bee created by journalist Jane Burns.

The New York Times’ Visual Investigations Team, which includes Madison West High grad Evan Hill, wins a duPont award for its documentary about the Capitol insurrection, “Day of Rage.”

For some, a restaurant or bar is made truly special by its patrons and their stories. By that measure, few if any places in Madison can top Smoky’s, which closes on Feb. 28 after 69 years.