Amys Open

When we launched the inaugural Amy Awards last year in memory of Amy Gannon and 13-year-old daughter Jocelyn, we said we were taking a page from Amy’s book by lifting up women entrepreneurs, which is what Amy did as co-founder of the Madison-based nonprofit Doyenne. We partnered with Amy’s husband, Mike Gannon, to spotlight women who embody Amy’s work to transform the entrepreneurial scene.

Now there actually is a book — a retrospective biography that tells Amy’s story starting from her childhood. “I did it for Aaron,” says Mike Gannon about commissioning his late wife’s biography as a gift to their surviving 19-year-old son. It was meant to be a high school graduation present, but there was so much to Amy’s story that they’d only managed to finish the first chapter by then. Mike Gannon, who worked with author Susanna Daniel, had the help of some of Amy’s old diaries from her school days that he found in crates in the attic a few months after her death. The biography includes many details — gleaned from Amy’s journals and Daniel’s 40 to 50 interviews with people who were close to Amy — that paint a vivid picture of how Amy came to be the woman she was and how her passions developed.


AMY: A Biography of Amy Gannon (Cover courtesy of Little Creek Press; photo by Mike Gannon)