Dec22 History Lesson

In this 1931 photo by Angus B. McVicar, Jennie Justo — Madison’s most famous bootlegger, whose name graces a bottle of sorghum whiskey at Old Sugar Distillery today — hugs her mother (on the left) goodbye before serving a year in jail. Justo came home from the Milwaukee House of Corrections, got arrested again and served another 10 months. After her second release, her hometown supporters threw her a parade.

Exactly 100 years ago, starting in November 1922, authorities began a series of crackdowns on the bootleggers and moonshiners in Madison’s Greenbush neighborhood, and Justo ultimately got caught up in the dragnet. Across 75 raids during one two-month period, police seized 4,000 gallons of contraband alcohol from the speakeasies and basement taverns of the flourishing, mostly law-abiding immigrant community. Prohibition had been in effect for nearly three years and violent crime between rival gangs was on the rise, but up until that point most arrests had resulted in light fines, and folks were fed up. “Time to Send Somebody to Jail!” hollered a front-page headline in the zealously prohibitionist Capital Times, according to two 2011 Isthmus articles by Madison’s resident historian, Stu Levitan.

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