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BCP Transportation has drive to thrive

Company succeeds by keeping workers happy

Nancy Spelsberg says BCP Transportation employees get satisfaction from knowing the company transports equipment to road games for the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

It’s tough to miss the ginormous truck and trailer—emblazoned in red and black with the University of Wisconsin and Badgers logos—parked behind Camp Randall Stadium. Executives organize tailgate events for home games and provide free beverages and grilled goodies to customers, suppliers and BCP employees as well as their families and friends. Football tickets are not included.

“I was surprised how much camaraderie it built with all the employees,” says Spelsberg, who is president and co-owner of the Deerfield-based company that marked its five-year anniversary in May 2016. “We didn’t anticipate people would take pride in something like that.”

BCP Transportation, which completed construction of a third building this year, offers full-service transportation, warehouse storage and packaging to clients. The company currently employs 95 workers—including four female truck drivers—26 full-time contractors and a 96-truck fleet.

BCP earned $26 million in revenue last year, according to Spelsberg. She also says employees of color make up 15 percent of the workforce.

Jesse Kuehl is a veteran employee, along ­ with BCP vice president and co-owner Todd Jourdan. Kuehl works as a logistics consultant in the brokerage department.

Kuehl and his co-workers often banter that the BCP in BCP Transportation stands for Best Company Period. He likes the fast pace, variety and autonomy that his job offers.“It’s just a relaxing place,” Kuehl says. “You feel comfortable and not like somebody is staring at you and making sure you’re doing your 9-to-5 job.”

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