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6 CrossFit gyms for drop-in workouts

Hit up one of these gyms during the CrossFit Games

Madison has no shortage of CrossFit gyms for locals and visitors to take advantage of, especially during the CrossFit Games (July 29-Aug. 4). Here are a few local gyms where you can drop in for a quick CrossFit workout while in Madison. And you’re almost guaranteed to meet a new crop of enthusiastic athletes who are just as motivated as you are.

CrossFit Recursive
Located in the heart of downtown directly along the bike path, CrossFit Recursive Fitness & Nutrition has one of the most robust weeklong gym schedules during the CrossFit Games. Run by husband and wife trainers Dirk and Nikole Gessler, CrossFit Recrusive’s unassuming storefront houses three separate gyms and loads of equipment. During the weeks surrounding the CrossFit Games, CrossFit Recursive offers a bundle of extra classes mixed in with its standard schedule. On top of that, there are deals for individual classes, week-long unlimited access and everything in between starting at $25 per class and going up to $100 for unlimited week-long access. 2008 CrossFit Games champion Jason Khalipa and his crew will be providing workout and class programming during the week of the CrossFit Games as well.


Big Dane Collective
Big Dane Collective, less than a 10-minute drive from the Games grounds at the Alliant Energy Center, has a full range of equipment you might need for your workout. Added bonus: There will be a ton of giveaways during the week of the CrossFit Games. Ranging from food samples from local restaurants like Marigold Kitchen to product giveaways from fitness equipment companies including Bear Komplex, there’s bound to be something for all CrossFit enthusiasts. Before, after or during your workout, make sure to take advantage of the fenced outdoor area attached to the gym. Rumor has it that the space is also used for cookouts, games and a play area for all of the gym members’ dogs.



Great State CrossFit
As one of the newest CrossFit gyms in the Madison area, Great State CrossFit boasts excellent athlete-to-coach ratios, which means you’ll likely get one-on-one help from a trainer during your workout. What it may lack in size, it definitely makes up for in proximity; Great State CrossFit is only 1 mile away from the Alliant Energy Center, making it the closest CrossFit gym to the site of the games, which means getting there is as simple as hopping on a bike or take a quick jog to the facility. Drop in at any class for $25. Owner and operator Mike Burton has a deep-rooted passion for Olympic lifting, which means it is featured front and center in his workouts.



CrossFit MadTown
After being certified in 2005, Skipp and Keysha Benzing opened up CrossFit MadTown a handful of years later. In 2009 the gym officially opened, and since then, CrossFit MadTown has served as one of the go-to CrossFit gyms for people living in Middleton or on Madison’s west side. The first gym to open in the Madison area, this gym has all of the equipment needed for your workout of the day. The gym recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary.



Sanctify Fitness
Co-owners Josh Earlywell and Paul Saevre opened up Sanctify Fitness in January 2011, and since then they’ve been serving Madison’s east-side CrossFitting community. While this gym isn’t as close to the site of the CrossFit Games as some of the others, it'll get you over to Madison's east side where you can hangout like a local before or after your workout. The gym also has a charming history — before transforming into a CrossFit gym, the space was home to a printing shop and before that, it was a nightclub. Sanctify Fitness will offer $20 single classes, but keep in mind that it'll be closed on the final day of the Games so the owners and trainers can enjoy the festivities themselves.



PFD CrossFit
With a clientele that traditionally caters to middle-aged professionals, PFD CrossFit tends to focus more on health than the extremes of CrossFit competitions. If you’re looking for a gym to continue your workouts to help improve flexibility and mobility, PFD is a good spot to visit. Located in Verona, PFD is a 19-minute drive from the Alliant Energy Center. During the week of the CrossFit Games, PFD offers a week of drop-ins for $75.




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