Jesse Dayton performing in the Shitty Barn

There’s no shortage of explanations for how the Shitty Barn earned its name. The seasonal music venue, which was once a hog barn, sits in an industrial park adjacent to a self-storage facility in Spring Green. Its dark red siding is full of woodpecker holes. There’s no permanent seating — guests are asked to bring their own camping chairs — and the only public restrooms are a line of dimly lit port-a-potties out back.

The May-to-October concert schedule is short by necessity; there’s no HVAC system, so the venue closes when the temperature dips and the bats and squirrels move in. The slogan that graces promotional materials, penned by one of the previous owners, reads, “Intimate. Integrated. Shitty.”


Photo by Connie Ward Photography | Artist: Jesse Dayton