Artist stands leaning against sculptural replica of himself in stone

Faisal Abdu’Allah handed his printmaking students a worksheet with an empty monument plinth on it.

“I’m giving you $750,000,” he prompted. “You have an opportunity to make a monument. Make a drawing of what you think that monument should be. Where would it be, what would it represent, what’s it made out of?”

Vel Phillips

A cardboard cutout of the Vel Phillips statue planned for installation at the Capitol in 2024 (photo courtesy of Channel 3000).


After a June 24, 2020 protest, the Forward statue outside of the Wisconsin state Capitol was defaced (photo by Nate Moll).


(R) “Our Shared Future” plaque and (L) bronze badger statue by Harry Whitehorse (photos courtesy of UW Archives)


(L) Col. Hans Christian Heg statue and (R) Abraham Lincoln statue (photos courtesy of Wikipedia Commons and Channel 3000).


(L) Milele Chikasa Anana and (R) Blu3eprint by Faisal Abdu’Allah (left photo courtesy of Paulius Mustekis; right photo by Tim Burton).


(L) Frances Huntley-Cooper and (R) the Chazen Museum of Art (left photo courtesy of Frances Huntley-Cooper; right photo by Mgolden).