Forward Madison posters

14 different colorful Forward Madison FC posters back

Forward Madison FC and Dane Arts have teamed up again on another free poster series for Forward Madison FC’s 2022 season. At every home match, Flamingo fans are invited to pick up a free poster created by a local artist at the guest services tent. The series has run during all operating seasons since the club’s founding in 2019.  

The idea for the initiative was born after Director of Dane Arts Mark Fraire read a piece in The New York Times about the Portland Trailblazers efforts to boost sales through game day posters created by local artists. Always looking for ways to “integrate the arts into every arena,” Fraire quickly became interested in bringing something similar to Madison. He first approached the Madison Mallards, the local summer collegiate baseball team, but both parties realized the scheduling might not work due to a busy and fast baseball season. Fraire was then encouraged to approach Forward Madison FC, which was preparing for its first season.