A man and a woman sit next to each other surrounded by skulls, ghosts, clown dolls, and busts of creepy figures.

From the outside, Dapper Cadaver is virtually indistinguishable from the other warehouses that dot the industrial space south of Madison’s Beltline Highway. Inside, however, the self-described purveyor of “top-quality death-related and scientific props” is a horror fanatic’s Shangri-La. There are shelves of severed limbs and flayed torsos, and silicone organs smeared with fake blood. Next to a pile of dinosaur bones on the floor, a small open casket contains a dozen or so vintage dolls, as if the porcelain toddler from the “Annabelle” series decided to have a party and invited all her friends. The display case that acts as a counter for the showroom at the front of the warehouse holds nearly 40 replica human, animal and dinosaur skulls in various shapes and sizes. But it’s what happens beyond the showroom that really makes Dapper Cadaver unique.

“If it’s dead or can die, we can make it,” said co-owner BJ Winslow in a 2019 video for entertainment news site Insider.