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Catching up with local musician Anna Wang

Wang expects to release music in 2019

It’s not unlike Madison’s Anna Wang to take extended breaks from performing her music. She debuted locally in 2010 front and center with the guitar-rock band Anna Wang and the Oh Boys. But after a three-year hiatus from music, she reemerged in late 2017 as a synth-pop songstress with the album “In Your Head.”

The break she took from performing in late 2018 — after playing the Crystal Corner Bar in late September — won’t be as long or dramatic, she says. After dropping the singles “New Religion” and “Hindsight” last year, as well as a heart-rending video for the latter, there’s more to come soon, she assures us.

“I will be releasing a new single tentatively scheduled for early February” and possibly two more later this year, says Wang, 28. “I’m excited to share the new tunes and get back into performing again as well.”

Wang mixes and records her music in a home studio while overcoming an inner ear condition called patulous eustachian tube. “It makes everything sound wonky to me,” she says. “My symptoms have improved significantly over the last couple of years, which is what allowed me to play as many live shows as I did in 2018. It’s now mostly just in one ear, which is a lot more manageable than both ears. I just have to make sure I’m flipping my headphones around occasionally when I’m mixing.”

Wang’s hearing issues are not apparent in her live recordings of Jennifer Paige’s 1998 hit “Crush” and Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” which she posted to YouTube last year. For these songs, as well as her sweet reimagining of the rocker “Lookout” by Cheap Trick, she loops her vocals and mixes the music on the fly.

These covers are worth a listen while waiting for new original music from Wang later this year.

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