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Andrea Behling

Creative Director
Tim Burton


Associate Editor
Maggie Ginsberg

Associate Editor
Maija Inveiss


Senior Production Designer
Emily Culp

Senior Designer
Sarah Frautschi

Senior Marketing Designer
Carol Shufro


Marketing & Event Specialist
Maggie McSherry


Director of Sales
Patrick McDonald

Local Sales Manager
Luke Commare

Madison Magazine Sales Manager
Jason Kovarik

Advertising Content Manager
Denise McMullen

Multimedia Account Executives
Ralph Cohen
Craig Fuecht
Tim McCaffrey
Ken Oyager
Marilyn Parlapiano
Ryan Waldman
Jennifer Welsh

Subscription Information
Maggie McSherry

Contributing Writers

Aaron R. Conklin
Dan Curd
Erika Krug
Stu Levitan
Doug Moe
Michael Muckian
Steven Potter
John Roach
Hywania Thompson
Hannah Wente

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