Madison leaf pick up begins today, crews hope it will promote lake health

The leaves may have barely started to come down, but that will change as we move deeper into the fall. Madison city officials want to help you with removal. Fall leaf collection starts Monday, Sept. 30.

Depending on the weather conditions, residents will have at least 3 curbside collection opportunities.
If you are taking advantage of curbside pickup there are a few things to follow. You’ll want to make sure your leaves and yard waste, including things like weeds, garden trimmings, pumpkins and crab apples are piled at the street edge.

Prevent leaves from going into the roads and gutters, because that can create what city officials call “leaf tea” that drains into our lakes. Leaf tea contains nutrients that are harmful to our lakes and can lead to toxic algae blooms, murky water and weeds.

If you are bagging your leaves be sure to leave bags open at the top so crews can see what’s inside.
You can use plastic bags which may be left at the terrace or put in a refuse cart. You can also use compostable paper leaf bags or a tarp to protect leaves from blowing away.

Crews will complete at least three rounds in the fall and two rounds in the spring, depending on weather. You can also take your yard waste to the dropoff site.

Consider using your leaves, as mulch or compost. By reducing the nutrients drained into our lakes, you can keep those nutrients in your property and improve your lawn and soil quality.

Make sure your yard waste piles are separate from your brush piles.

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